Equine Facilitated Learning



Equine Facilitated Learning offers opportunity for our children and teens to learn about themselves though the interaction and relationship with people, horses and the barn environment. This learning can happen in a stall, in a pasture, on the trail or as the child grooms a pony, leads a miniature horse,  or participates in feeding chores. All students participate in the equine program, with extra time for those who have a special affinity for the horses. As an animal sanctuary there are many opportunities to experience human-animal bonding. 


Barn Management teaches children horse barn duties such as cleaning stalls. Children also are involved in equine recordkeeping, helping to make financial and management and learning every aspect of operating an equine center. This vocational training builds and enhances organizational skills and allows children and Veterans to recognize their potential in the workplace. For some children the barn management experience motivates them to strive even harder academically, while for others it may pave the way for a career in the equine industry .

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