Please welcome to the Black Dawg Farm and Sanctuary Family; Solace Equine Academy program.

The mission and purpose of Solace Equine Academy is the enhancement of life skills through horsemanship.

Many know veterans, first responders or a gold star family. The uncertainty and pain experienced daily by this group is hard to ignore and at times readily identifiable.

 At the Solace Equine Academy (SEA) program, we assist and support those who have experienced some of life’s most difficult challenges. This includes extensive combat experiences where it becomes difficult to let go, being the first on scene of a tragic accident, fire or life threatening situation or losing a loved one leaving behind those with the ultimate question “why”.

Solace Equine Academy located just a little over 3 miles from the B.D.F.S. facility, making it easy for families and individuals to take participate at both places. By pooling our collective resources, we  provide more of these needed services to our community. BDFS through the SEA program, will have the ability to provide equine assisted learning, activities and riding, which bring about therapeutic benefits and increased life skills.

S.E.A.'s beautiful outdoor riding arena is tranquil, helping to make the riders encounter a positive learning experience. Removed from the noise, the everyday hustle and bustle, riders have the opportunity to focus on their feelings collectively with one of the best listeners – The Horse.

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